Stavanger 2008

A three-part event:

1 A late-night concert in a beautiful church St. Petri involving The Shout, eight uber-choirs from Norway – Concentus, Norwegian Soloists’ Choir, Kristiansand Soloists, Cantus, Concentus, Grex Vocalis, Bergen Domkantori, Vokal Nord – and one, Jauna Musika, from Lithuania. Very serious and gorgeous.

2 A choral invasion of Stavanger, directed by Roland Bréand – seventy choral interventions in the city, moving gradually from the outskirts to the harbour in the centre, some indoors, some outdoors, ranging from the utterly serious to the utterly daft – choral performances, megaphonists, street performers, choral music in shopping centres, processions, boy racers, skateboarders…..

3 A big event in the harbour, directed by Sven Beyer of Phase 7 – a hour of choral music, 800 singers, brass band, four lur players (Norwegian wooden trumpet), The Shout on two scissor lifts, rock’n’roll PA, lasers, dancers, fire, a beautiful tall ship with a child singing (three-handkerchief moment). Music by Jeremy Avis and Orlando Gough, including a version of the Prom piece We Turned On The Light. Mike Henry brilliant in a solo role

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