Midnight on New Year’s Eve on the Danube. A very simple event – The Shout + 300 local singers + a big firework display – a gently subversive version of the usual New Year’s Eve shtick.
A love affair between voices and fireworks, a playful piece in which the relationship between the voices and the fireworks is much more varied than usual – the voices lead, the fireworks lead, they flirt, they dance, they ignore each other, the fireworks terrify the voices, declare war on them, cheer them up……

A bizarre experience. The audience was mostly three hundred metres away on the other side of the river, so very little sense of their presence. The fireworks were amazing and original, a mixture of the conventional and the bizarre (e.g. thousands of little flares which floated down the river looking like luminous sperm) – a mixture of complex time-lined structures and manually operated volleys – at one moment, hundreds of Catherine wheels, gorgeous (though oddly noisy).

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